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About us

Halal Quality Control - HQC is an international accredited Halal certification body and has been ranked as one of the first trustworthy accredited Halal certification bodies established in Europe.

Our Mission

We use our knowledge and expertise and work diligently and with enthusiasm to ensure that Muslim consumers get 100% authentic Halal products. By doing so,we facilitate product access to markets and we generate ...

Our History

Halal Quality Control was established in 1983 and has been involved in Halal product certification ever since. In the 1980s, meat was an important product and in that time it was ...

Our Vision

To become the pioneers and Europe’s most trusted partner in Halal certification, while maintaining compliance to all Halal requirements and exceeding Muslim consumers’ expectations.

Our Staff

Our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who understand your process and your needs are our most important asset, which brings valuable benefits and generates added value for our customers

Our Features

We are international

We are proudly the one of very few Halal certification bodies based in Europe with nearly all international Halal accreditations

We give you our know-how

We benefit our customers by providing them a top-level generic training service

We have the experts and expertise

Our team consists of experts in the field of Islamic rules and law as well as food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, logistics and quality management systems

We understand the industry

We are professionals, who know and understand your needs and provide the quality service you deserve

We save you time and money

We respect your time and money thanks in particular to our highly qualified staff, our experience and to use of the latest software technology

We speak your language

We are an international and diverse team, that speaks English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Turkish and Arabic

We are close to you

Besides our home market Europe, we operate in different locations around the world, and thus we are always close to you

We understand the value of time

Our vast knowledge and experience help in providing quick and hassle-free service so that you can operate successfully in the market


In Halal Quality Control - HQC

Arab and Islamic Countries Recognize our Certificate

Branches Around The World

Working Field and Expertise

Years of Experience, Since 1983


Halal Quality Control - HQC is an international leading and accredited Halal certification body, which ranks among the most trustable Halal certification bodies in Europe. Our certificates are accepted in more than 53 Islamic countries. HQC is officially recognized by the following authorities and institutions: MUI-Indonesia, BPJPH-Indonesia, JAKIM–Malaysia, MUIS-Singapore, EIAC–UAE (Including ESMA and MoIAT), SFDA and SASO Saudi Arabia, Qatar and much more


Jes Knudsen

Global Kosher/Halal Coordinator

Novozymes A/S

Although Novozymes has only worked with HQC for a few years, we are very satisfied with the cooperation. HQC is professional and structured to work with and always provides quick, precise responses to our requests. HQC is also good at translating various national Halal standards into operational requirements that can be understood and implemented in Novozymes. plants.

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Halal Quality Control (HQC) - Global

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+49 6151 360 9850



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Pallaswiesenstrasse 63, D-64293 Darmstadt, Germany

phone number

+49 6151 360 9850


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Laan van Meerdervoort 53d, 2517 AE The Hague, The Netherlands

phone number

+31 70 3469795


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25 Place de la madeleine | 75008 Paris | France |

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+33 (0) 183642274


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UL. ŻURAWIA 32/34, 00-515 WARSZAWA, Poland


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