Tönnies Holding ApS & Co. KG

Halal Meat Products - Tönnies

The Tönnies Group is a family company that is active at several levels of the food industry. The international company operates in eight divisions, has approximately 16,500 employees, and in 2020 generated annual revenue of EUR 7.05 billion. The core business of the company, which was established in 1971, concerns the slaughter, butchering, processing and refining of pigs, sows and cattle. The Tönnies head office is in Rheda-Wiedenbrück in East Westphalia. The family group is active around the world with its eight divisions of Meat Pork, Meat Beef, Convenience, Sausages, Ingredients, Logistics, International and Central Services. With 25 international offices and production locations in Germany and other countries, Tönnies successfully pursues a strategy of internationalisation. HQC certifies the slaughterhouse Legden GmbH, as well as the Jade slaughterhouse Wilhelmshaven GmbH and the site in Badbergen. The export share is approximately 50 per cent. In this way, Tönnies offers food retailers, retail customers and consumers safe, high-quality, and individual meat and sausage products and services along the entire value creation chain.