Käserei Champignon Hofmeister GmbH & Co. KG

Halal Dairy Products - Käserei Champignon

Käserei Champignon was founded over a hundred years ago by the cheese maker Julius Hirschle, who developed a Camembert cheese with a completely new taste. A year later he and the cheese merchant Leopold Immler founded the Camembert Industry Heising. Because their Camembert smelled so wonderfully of fresh mushrooms, they named it "Champignon Camembert". Käserei Champignon has been supplying its products for many decades to more than 50 countries around the world (in Europe, the USA, China and South Africa). The small family-run cheese dairy quickly developed into a successful business. The Hofmeister family, who took over the Champignon cheese dairy in 1961, developed it into a major group of companies: The Champignon-Hofmeister group of companies. The following cheese dairies also belong to the group: Hofmeister Käsewerk, Molkerei Hainichen-Freiberg, Mang-Käsewerk, ALPAVIT Käserei Champignon. Käserei Champignon is certified by HQC and ALPAVIT Käserei Champignon is responsible for the production and distribution of dehydrated milk and whey products for food, confectionery and pharmaceutical products.