Dr. August Oetker Nahrungsmittel KG

Halal Pizza - Dr. Oetker

Founded 130 years ago in Bielefeld, Dr. Oetker is today one of the leading food manufacturers in Europe. The story of Dr. Oetker began in January 1891, when Dr. August Oetker realised his life's dream by buying the Aschoff'schen Apotheke in Bielefeld. What he developed there in the course of persistent research revolutionised baking and made the preparation of food and pastries easier in the long term. 130 years later, the small pharmacy has grown into a worldwide family business, whose international activities now account for more than half of its total turnover and which employs over 16,000 people worldwide. Whether it's ingredients for baked goods, desserts, snacks or pizzas, Dr. Oetker products are known for their ease of preparation and diversity in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and America. In order to meet the different wishes of consumers around the world, the more than 40 national Dr. Oetker companies offer both national and international products tailored to the tastes of each country. In addition to the traditional Dr. Oetker brand, other world-famous brands are part of the portfolio. These include cameo and Paneangeli in Italy, D'Gari and Rexal in Mexico, Koopmans in the Netherlands and Chicago Town in the UK. In recent years, other important brands have been added through acquisitions, such as Wilton in the US and Tag El Melouk and Cook's in Egypt. Since 2019, the brand portfolio has been expanded to include Alsa in France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal and Morocco. With Mavalério in Brazil, they have also added an important manufacturer of decorative items in South America to the family of brands.