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The Indonesian Ulama Council (Majelis Ulama Indonesia, MUI) is Indonesia’s highest authority on Islamic affairs. MUI functions as the country’s national ulama institution. It hosts a commission that issues religious rulings (fatwas), which are intended to guide Muslim life in the country. In Indonesia there are two authority bodies for Halal certification: The Food, Drug and Cosmetics Assessment Agency (LPPOM) and MUI Fatwa Committee. Halal standard in Indonesia is established based on MUI’s Fatwa or Sharia Law. The Food, Drug and Cosmetics Assessment Agency (LPPOM) is an institution under MUI which has, as one of its duties to conduct Halal examinations, audits and assessments. MUI Fatwa Committee is one of MUI committees who issues fatwa or Islamic shariah decree based on the results of examination by LPPOM MUI as an investigative or examining body in Halal certification process. LPPOM MUI recognize halal certificates issued by approved halal certification bodies only for products produced in the country where the Halal certification body is located, except for products produced in Europe, which can be certified by any approved halal certification body located in Europe. HQC is officially accredited and recognized from MUI-Indonesia.