Department of Islamic Development Malaysia

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The Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia or JAKIM) is a Federal government agency responsible for Islamic religious affairs including Halal certification in Malaysia. Therefore, JAKIM plays a key role to protect Muslim consumers in Malaysia from consuming Haram products as required by Shariah. For the purpose of Halal certification, JAKIM has to ensure the halal status of products at every stage and at every process involved by carrying out official site inspections of the production plants to examine on how the halal status of the raw material is maintained and monitored at all times. In addition to the above JAKIM recognizes reputable and credible foreign Halal certification bodies as JAKIM representatives to monitor/verify the halal status of these raw materials and products with responsibility and integrity. The recognition is based on the capability of the foreign halal certification bodies to comply with the Malaysian procedures & guidelines. HQC is officially accredited and recognized from JAKIM-Malaysia.