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Who is HAE

Who is

Halal Academy Europe (HAE)?

  • HAE has cooperation with the International University of Novi Pazar/SERBIA (Faculty of Islamic Studies).
  • HAE provides the professional school with domain experts in halal standards.
  • HAE is an independent and autonomous institution for halal training.

Why is Halal Academy Europe founded?

  • Many accreditation bodies have requirements and conditions concerning halal standards and each of them obligate for separate halal training.
  • Halal Academy‘s objective is to unify and harmonise the different trainings regarding halal standards to one halal training with one certificate!

What are the benefits of Halal Academy Europe?

  • Professional training on halal according to multiple international Halal standards and in various fields of industry.
  • The halal trainings are accepted by all accreditation bodies.
  • The training certificates are internationally accepted and recognized.

Activities of Halal Academy Europe

  • Our key task is to give a unique and universal training to companies and interested people.
  • We offer consultation in all Halal fields of processed food, slaughterhouses, chemicals, cosmetics, baby food, cleaning aids and lubricants.
  • We respect different fiqh schools and take benefit of their variety. We find solutions for you to comply with Halal requirements.
  • We promote the cooperation between international and European authorities.

What are

the activities of Halal Academy Europe?

Our training is compatible with all of the following organizations

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