High demand for halal food products

Studies on consumer behavior have shown that consumer preferences change in accordance with their religious sensibilities. Muslim consumers demand halalness “permissibility” of products in conformity with Islamic rules.

World food suppliers from all types as well as fast-food chains have been questioned by their consumers if the food used was ‘halal’ that we have witnessed full campaigns addressing this specific concern from a huge segment of consumers.

Consumers have been demanding to know whether the foods imported are permissible or not, and questioning the authenticity of the “halal” label after some bad experiences where labels didn’t prove to be authentic that now muslim countries are starting to mandate an authentic halal label on all food products imported.


of the World’s Population


Muslim Countries


Billion Muslim Consumers


Double the Normal Growth Rate


Billion Muslim Consumers by the year 2050



The Global food market is estimated at 7.8 Trillion Dollars with annual growth rate of 3.8%, 17% of that market is the Halal food trade amounting to around 1.8 Trillion Dollars. Moreover Halal food market is growing at almost double the market at 6.7%. This creates a huge opportunity for the whole Halal food supply chain

Muslim population is expected to grow faster than any other major world religion; it is forecasted to reach 2.76 billion by 2050 and the rapidly growing Muslim population is another key factor influencing the sales growth of halal food.


Accessing the halal market can be confusing, and HQC is offering you an optimal solution

Some countries have developed their own standards for “halal”, and some certification bodies have developed another, making it confusing for food producers, and costly getting multiple audits and having to undergo multiple frameworks. With HQC you only partake a single audit and it gives you wide recognition and international coverage.

Holding an internationally trusted “halal” label gives your food product the privilege needed to expanding your market to the “halal” consumers, with HQC you are affiliating your brand with a label that is empowered by and emanated from the biggest official international Islamic organizations.