Bioneer A/S

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  • Certificated Since: 2022-05-31
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Founded in 1982, Bioneer A/S is a non-profit organisation and a subsidiary of the Technical University of Denmark that provides tools and technologies that facilitate the early implementation of new therapeutic strategies in the Danish healthcare sector. Bioneer’s research strategy addresses novel solutions for drug discovery and development that fulfil future needs of companies, research institutes, and Health Care. Bioneer has for decades developed and produced recombinant proteins using both mammalian and microbial hosts. Their head office is located in Hørsholm, and they have a second location at the University of Copenhagen's Department of Pharmacy, Bioneer: FARMA (in Copenhagen). With state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and a history of almost 40 years of operation, they provide innovative solutions to the life science industry as a Danish government approved research and technology organisation. Bioneer is a trusted partner for biotech and pharmaceutical companies. They operate globally and have worked on 272 different projects for 115 customers in 18 countries in the last year.